Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions

Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions


10 October — 13 October 2021
VDNH, pav. 55
10:00 – 17:00

Business training

«Secrets of highly profitable exploitation of prize arcade and shooting gallery attractions»
Moderator:Nikolay Dolzhansky - head of the BOLID group of companies and his own federal network of operating prize-winning attractions in 8 cities of Russia. The monthly revenue from one park is more than 10 million rubles, the annual revenue of the company is more than 1 million $.
  1. What makes an arcade attraction highly profitable, and in what case do you lose your money on it?
  2. How should an attraction be designed so that a guest of the park cannot pass by?
  3. What documents and regulations are needed for the operation of prize-winning attractions?
  4. How to build a system of financial and operational control so that your money does not go past the cash register?
  5. Analysis of the work of the prize-winning attractions ground in "Dream Island" theme park.
Cost of participation on request

11:00 – 15:00


“How to keep and increase the consumers’ interest to the entertainment center”
Ludmila Kiseleva
business consultant, expert in operational management of entertainment centers and restaurants with20 years’ experience in amusement industry.
  1. Revision of the entertainment center concept.
  2. How the components of the center relate to the target audience and business model of your enterprise.
  3. How to introduce new consumer trends into your entertainment center and increase its revenue.
  4. Express analysis of the work of the training participants' centers.
Cost of participation on request

10:00 – 18:00
Moscow, VDNH, pav.55.
Exhibition hours. Demonstration of attractions and entertainment equipment.

Moscow, VDNH, pav.55
Opening ceremony of the exhibition “RAAPA EXPO AUTUMN-2021”
12:00 - 13:30
pav. 55, lecture hall

Round table

“New models of buying / selling amusement rides and entertainment equipment”
  1. D.I. Sukhomlinov, General Director of rope parks network "Norway Park", Moscow
  2. I.V. Ivontyev, Director of MAUK Central Park of Culture and Leisure "Lakreevsky Forest", Cheboksary
  3. A.A. Kudlaev, Head of Marketing Department, "Universal Terminal Systems" LLC, Tomsk
Free participation(pre-registration is required)

14:00 – 18:00
pav. 55, lecture hall

Business Training

"Radical increase in ticket sales of the amusement park"
Moderator:Sergey Kalmykov - international expert of the amusement parks industry, executive director of Enterto - a full-cycle company for the creation and management of entertainment facilities.
Projects include: theme park “Sochi Park”; indoor theme parks "Angry Birds World", "Virtuocity" and "Snow Dunes" (Doha, Qatar); innovative amusement park "City of the Future" at VDNH and others.
  1. Where is the industry heading today and how to avoid being left on the sidelines very quickly?
  2. 4 pivot points where 80% of your efforts need to be directed to radically increase sales.
  3. Digital is not a panacea: how to understand that a sales service is not working and what steps to take to strengthen it.
  4. Why do we need to get rid of artisanal local ticket systems.
  5. Modern ticketing ecosystems and how to work with them.
  6. Successful cases of ticket integrations and their results.
  7. Analysis of practical questions / cases of the event participants
Cost of participation on request

Gala Dinner devoted to the opening of the exhibition RAAPA EXPO AUTUMN – 2021.
Cost of participation on request

10:00 – 18:00
Moscow, VDNH, pav.55
Exhibition hours. Demonstration of attractions and entertainment equipment.
12:00 - 13:00
pav. 55, lecture hall


“Automation systems and financial security of parks. Legislative requirements for the formation of cash register receipts (Form of Strict Accountability) when using automated systems "
Moderator:Ivan Assmus - General Director of the Game-Keeper company.
  1. How do the elements of automation systems affect the financial security of parks? Which equipment to choose and which analytics to prioritize.
  2. Which method of payment - advance or debit, to choose when automating the park.
  3. Requirements of the Legislation (FZ-54) for the transfer of cash receipts (strict reporting forms) to buyers when making payments in parks; terms of generating cash register receipts (forms of strict reporting) when buying tickets, replenishing the balance of cards via the Internet, terms and methods of generating cash receipts (forms of strict reporting) when offsetting advances. Is it necessary to generate a cashier's check (strict reporting form) when making payments through remote banking systems.
  4. We confirm VAT exemptions for the implementation of Forms of Strict Accountability with the help of automated systems.
Cost of participation on request
14:00 - 15:45
pav. 55, lecture hall


“Entertainment business in a changing economic environment: new areas of work and tools for development”.
  1. Management tools for working with operators of attractions: material and non-material incentives.
    Konstantin Popov, Quality Director of the “Skazka” Park, Moscow; author of the telegram channel "Client's Advocate".
  2. Entertainment business and government - a new view at social partnership and cooperation.
    Egor Rochev, owner of the chain of family play centers “Wonderland", Tobolsk.
  3. Modern animatrix and other high-tech solutions for the development of parks, FECs and entertainment facilities.
    Natalya Shalaginova, "Dinomashina" project manager, Kirov.
  4. Immersive technologies as a tool for updating and developing the entertainment business.
    Alexey Zavyalov, Head of Development, “Hello IO.” company, Moscow
  5. Modern technologies of ticket and access systems for amusement parks.
    David Tartakovsky, Director of Infomatika company, Kazan.
  6. Artificial wave and other water activities for sports and recreation.
    Alexander Abramov, General Director of the "Worldex Sport" company, Moscow.
  7. . Planning and current maintenance of improvement objects in public spaces.
    Natalia Zinchenko, technical and forensic expert, Head of the "Gorod" Association, Voronezh.
  8. Curling as bowling - unique equipment CURLING LITE.
    Andrey Petrov, General Director of “SportActive” LLC, Kurgan.
Free participation (pre-registration is required)
16:00 - 17:30
pav. 55, lecture hall


"Problems of legislative regulation of supervision of trampolines, rope parks and attractions"

  1. V.A. Gnezdilov - RAAPA President, Chairman of the Committee TC-427 "Safety of Amusement Rides" of Rosstandart.
  2. Petrenko A.N. - Managing partner of NCB Russkiye Gorki LLC, leading expert of the GOROD Association, technical and forensic expert in the field of amusement equipment, water parks, kiddie playgrounds equipment and other entertainment equipment.
Cost of participation on request

10:00 – 16:00
Moscow, VDNH, pav. 55
Exhibition hours. Demonstration of attractions and entertainment equipment.
13:00 - 15:00
pav. 55, meeting room
Meeting of TC-427
15:00 - 16:00
Moscow, VDNH, pav. 55
Awarding diplomas to exhibitors. The exhibition closing ceremony

*Programme is the subject to change

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