Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions

Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions


10 March — 13 March 2020
Moscow, VDNH, pav. 75
10:00 – 19:00
Pavilion 75, VDNH, Moscow

AUTHOR’S MASTER-CLASS Birthday party: all-season anti-crisis business

My team company / HAPPYLON amusement park (Surgut)
integrating business owners, top managers, marketers, art directors and other specialists of the entertainment business.
  1. If you want other results - start acting differently: how did we make The Best Birthday party?

    - Birthday party through the eyes of a child, customer and performer.

    - Our key points (an example of an animated thematic program for a birthday party).

  2. Diagnosis of problems: PRODUCT that a market wants to have or PRODUCT that a market needs to have? The owner’s error :

    New solutions for large sales: package technologies to increase sales and profits; profitability; cost price.

  3. How to sell without selling: positioning and why namely you should be chosen.
  4. Warriors and strategists: personnel, training, motivation, reporting.
  5. Business game HB: happy business.
How will the master-class be useful?
  • A long-term comprehensive program for your amusement park development.
  • Step-by-step instructions for increasing the revenue of your amusement park.
  • Test tasks after each block.
  • Feedback and recommendations to everyone.
Cost of participation on request
10:00 - 13:00
Pavilion 75, VDNH, Moscow

Legal Seminar Current legal issues in the operation of amusement rides and children's play equipment

Taras Buryak
lawyer, managing partner of LAW AMUSEMENT company
Topics of discussion:
  1. State registration of amusement rides in state technical supervision bodies. New requirements
  2. The need to assess the technical condition of children's play equipment
  3. Consumer extremism and ways of protection against it
  4. Features of state inspections of amusement parks
Cost of participation on request
14:00 - 18:00
Pavilion 75, VDNH, Moscow

BUSINESS TRAINING Secrets of highly-profitable operation of prize arcade attractions and shooting galleries

Nikolai Dolzhansky
Head of the BOLID Group of Companies, a leader in the production and operation of prize arcade attractions and shooting galleries in Russia.
During the program you will get answers to the following questions:
  • What does make an arcade attraction highly profitable, and in what case you lose your money on it?
  • How should the attraction be designed so that a park visitor won’t pass by?
  • What documents and regulations are required in the operation of the prize attractions?
  • How to build a system of financial and operational control so that your money won’t pass by the cash register?
  • We will analyze the work of prize attractions in your park and draw up a plan to increase the profitability of their work.
The purpose of the event is to provide new tools and technologies that will increase revenue from prize attractions from 30% to 400%.
Cost of participation on request
10:00 – 15:00
Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 75

BUSINESS-PRACTICUM for individual work with experts-practitioners BOOST your amusement park!


MY TEAM offers you to boost your business with the help of professional mentors with many years of experience. We’ll check all aspects! No theory, all day we will analyze only your real cases. We will find the fundamental reasons for pulling your business down and offer practical solutions that will raise your sales!

Find your weak spot and solve the problem here and now!

Does the park make no profit? Are fewer customers returning to you? You doubt that you are working efficiently, but don’t know what the problem is?

How to BOOST your business?
  1. To take the test.We will get to know your company to identify its main problem.
  2. To diagnose. During the personal consultation we will determine “ where it hurts” and “what to do”.
  3. To solve a problem.We will work exclusively with you. You will leave with a ready-made strategy and full understanding of integrated business development. It remains only to start and do it.

Cost of participation on request
11:00 – 15:00
Pavilion 75, VDNH, Moscow

CONFERENCE “Trends in the development of amusement park industry in Russia. Formation of the theme parks market”

  1. The future is here, or the birth of the market for theme parks in Russia. Presentation of the Park of the Future at VDNH.
    Sergey Kalmykov, General Director of VDNH Amusement Park LLC, Moscow.
  2. Sales management strategy as theme park development tool.
    Margarita Navolokina, head of Sochi Park sales department, Sochi
  3. New landscape solutions while creating amusement parks. The project of the landscape park in Chelyabinsk.
    Alexander Odolsky, Megapolis group of companies, Chelyabinsk.
  4. Dreams come true”: the opening of the first theme park Dream Island in Moscow.
    Taras Buryak, the head of the amusement rides operation unit of the Dream Island amusement park, Moscow.
  5. Economic effect with centralized management of parks and urban public areas.
    Sergey Butorin, Director of Izhevsk Parks OJSC, Izhevsk.
  6. Contest Theme amusement park through the eyes of Moscow schoolchildren
    Sergej Karnet, head of Karnet Design project office, the Netherlands
    Aleksander Korotich, candidate of architecture, teacher in school №1298, Moscow
15:00 – Excursion to the first in Moscow indoor theme park Dream Island.
Cost of participation on request
10:00 - 18:00
Pavilion 75, VDNH, Moscow


10:00 - 18:00 Exhibition hours

11:00 Opening ceremony of the exhibition RAAPA EXPO- 2020

12:30 - 14:30 Roundtable discussion(Pavilion 75, VDNH, Moscow)

Within the roundtable discussion the manufacturers and operators present their ready-made solutions for organizing business in amusements sphere, F&B, corporate events, culture, sports etc., and inform of new products on the entertainment market in Russia.

  1. Creative ideas and leisure solutions for shopping complexes. Projects: Сity of professions «Heirs», city of hockey «ICE TEAM», cooking studio on New Riga highway and other.Fedor Gavrichenko, general director «Riga-club» Ltd., Moscow
  2. Sharing of microtransport in recreation areas – new type of leisure.Constantin Mantsurov, head of Rusharing project, Moscow
  3. Theme design of parks and recreation centers (on the example of the "Dream Island" park at the Design & Build stage + work experience with IP providers).Alyona Zemtsova, IOLLA company project manager, Moscow
  4. «Tankodrom» attractionGleb Cherezov, head of TANKODROM.RF, Moscow
  5. «Dinosaur and Me» - franchise of the family entertainment center.Alexander Lukashevich, commercial director, CJSC «East European Company», Belarus
  6. How to increase profits with inflatable water parks.Andrey Avilov, Head of ATTRO, Chelyabinsk
Free participation
Pre-registration is required
15:00 - 17:00
Pavilion 75, VDNH, Moscow

SEMINAR Key safety aspects in the entertainment business

  1. Safety of amusement rides.Existing normative regulations. Oversight issues. Legitimacy of declarations and certificates.
    A.V. Romanov, head of the testing laboratory of the NVP Diamet.
  2. Safety of kiddie playgrounds.New requirements for the production, purchase, operation and the disposal of kiddie playground equipment. N.A. Zinchenko, technical and forensic expert, head of «Gorod» Association, Voronezh
  3. Safety of personnel. Labor protection. Responsibility of staff and management. I.V. Efremova, Advisor to the Moscow Government on labor legislation and labor protection issues, candidate of legal sciences.
  4. Fire safety. Requirements for play areas and indoor entertainment centers. Actions at fire. Audit of fire safety. D.A. Zhuykov, head of the Department of Fire Safety, Candidate of Technical Sciences.
Cost of participation on request

GALA DINNER, dedicated to the opening of the exhibition RAAPA EXPO -2020
Golden Pony Moscow-2020 awarding ceremony

Cost of participation on request
09:30- 11:30
Pavilion 75, VDNH, Moscow

BUSINESS BREAKFAST Entertainment center in a small city

Ksenia Yeliseeva
managing director of kiddie entertainment complex Jungle, Alexandrov, Vladimir region.
  1. What is it like – entertainment center in a small city with the population of 30-80 thousand people.
  2. Major task is to become the main draw for the inhabitants of the city!
  3. Operation on all fronts: budget, event, moms, dads, etc.
  4. Marketing – what works better in a small city.
  5. Human factor: multifunctional employees and the role of the executive manager.
Cost of participation on request

10:00 - 18:00 Exhibition hours

12:00 - 16:00
Pavilion 75, VDNH, Moscow

SEMINAR Revenue generators of entertainment business

Ludmila Kiseleva
business consultant, expert in operational management of entertainment centers and restaurants with20 years’ experience in amusement industry.
  1. Which entertainment formats are required in the period of decline of consumer demands. Trends. Concepts efficiency.
  2. Time is Money. Methods of increasing time that guests spend in the amusement park.
  3. How to select play equipment and increase revenue of the entertainment center by 30% a year.
  4. Each age has its own amusements.
  5. Services of entertainment center in optimal proportions.
Variants of business models and investment parameters for entertainment centers occupying areas from 300 to 3000 sq. m. will be examined at the seminar
Cost of participation on request
13:00- 16:00
Pavilion 75, VDNH, Moscow


Block 1
Event in the park. Seasonal factors in the organization of events.

Goals. Events. Resources (budget)

Natalya Semukhina
director of “Attraction” Management Company, Tomsk
Block 2
Events leading to profit growth (using the example of the “Happy Wednesday”, “Ice Party” and “All for 50!” Projects)

Idea. Mechanics. Promotion channels. Expenses. Economic effect.

Elena Telegina
director of LLC “City Park Lukomorie”, Saratov
Block 3
Creation of a dream team for the implementation of events and animation programs.

How to attract an audience with animation programs and increase profits. Event calendar for the park.

Vilena Koinova and Yulia Novitskaya
founders of the “Fibikids” event agency and the “Lime” art studio, Kazan
Cost of participation on request
14:00 - 16:45
Pavilion 75, VDNH, Moscow

CONFERENCE “Organization of effective waterpark operation. Current trends for the development of water entertainment complexes”

  1. Key aspects of forming the service of instructors in waterpark.

    Dmitry Krutikov, general. director of “Peterland” Waterpark, St. Petersburg

  2. Lazurny Waterpark: from idea to implementation.

    Anton Kovalev, general Director of LLC “Belgorod Water Park”, Belgorod.

  3. New waterpark opportunities for people with disabilities.
  4. High capacity rides for water parks.

    Selim Doguoglu, “PolinWaterparks” company (Turkey)

  5. Evaluation of dangerous factors in the water complex.

    Svetlana Markizova, general. director of LLC “KOSBA”, St. Petersburg

  6. How to improve the existing water park? Easy Ways - 2020!

    Igor Tuzhilkin, technical director of LLC “Pulgan”.

  7. Virtual and augmented reality technologies in water parks.

    Nikolay Gordienko, Research and Production Association "Technopark-T", Tyumen

  8. Conceptual landscaping of water parks.

    Julia Boriskina, general director of “Green Premium”, Moscow

  9. Self-service technologies in water park. Financial models when working with tenants.

    Igor Ivanov, Head of the Automation Department of water-facilities, «Bars IT» Ltd., Yekaterinburg

Cost of participation on request
17:00- 18:00

ANNIVERSARY RECEPTION RAAPA: 25 years in the amusement industry

Anniversary of the Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
Free entry
11:00 - 13:00
Pavilion 75, VDNH, Moscow

ROUNDTABLE VR epoch: multimedia technologies for business and entertainment

  1. Which VR attractions will earn more in 2020?
    Andrey Kozhinov, head of «Mult VR» company, Saint-Petersburg
  2. Design of modern VR parks: budget and adaptation to the site. Project "Unreal place."
    Igor Belyaev, General Director of «finoarte Agency», Moscow.
  3. Challenge Park - a new format of virtual amusement park. The world's first VR cinematheque, interactive VR rides and quest rooms.
    Vladimir Zhiganov, JSC «Business Solutions», Moscow
  4. Amusement parks of mixed reality
    Alexey Zavyalov, head of international development of «Hello Park» company, Moscow
  5. Modern models of VR equipment monetization.
    Igor Mendzebrovsky, general director of «Enterldeas Group», Moscow
  6. Problems of content creation for VR attractions.
    Moderator is to be determined

Free participation 

Pre-registration is required
13:00 – 13:30

Summing up the contest “Theme amusement park through the eyes of Moscow schoolchildren”. (Stage)

15:00 - 16:00

Awarding Gold medals for the best exposition and handing diplomas to exhibitors. Awarding winners and participants of the contest “Theme amusement park through the eyes of Moscow schoolchildren”. The exhibition closing ceremony. (Stage)

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