Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions

Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions


30 September — 4 October 2019
Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 75
10:00 – 17:00
Moscow, Business centre “Silverstone”, 14,Serebryakova proezd

Business training "Amusement park and indoor entertainment centres operations management"

Taras Buryak
expert in operations management of amusement parks and kiddie entertainment centres, operations department manager of Dream Island, Moscow
Oleg Tagirov
head of “Muraveinik” kiddie playgrounds network and “Aktivizon” family amusement parks.
  1. Part 1. Effective amusement park management.

    We optimize resources. We remove unnecessary actions. We reduce time. We get clear, coordinated work.

  2. Part 2. Operations management practice.

    How not to be in the soup? Why is modernization perceived by people negatively. Implementation of changes step by step. Strategy of change without negative consequences.

  3. Part 3. Amusement park staff as operations management foundation.

    Work with personnel. How to motivate people in the amusement industry. Determination of work efficiency. Encouragement and punishment. Your people will work more, better and more professionally.

  4. Part 4. Innovative technologies in action.

    The introduction of technology that can fully or partially replace the work of personnel. We improve our activities and save money.

Cost of participation at request
10:00 – 17:00
Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 75, hall B

Business training "Ways to improve the operational performance of an entertainment centre. Modern tools and techniques"

Pavel Timets
founder of indoor amusement parks: Maza Park (St. Petersburg), FUN24 (Kazan) and Galaxy Park (Smolensk); author of the book “Fantastic park. Entertainment Centres: from Projects to Happy Guests”
Pavel Kovsharov
founder and General Director of Zamania, family amusement parks network (19 amusement parks) and “KidzRock Cafe”.
By attending the training, you will learn:
  • What management accounting programs are presented on the market, how to use them to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • How to automate the main processes of the work of the FEC: tasks management system, electronic check lists, booking systems, document management, call center, interaction with Iiko and R-Keeper.
  • Why to install a CRM system, and how to make money on it.
  • How to improve the quality and speed of the family entertainment center work using modern mobile applications.
  • The rating of mobile applications to increase personal efficiency and the secrets of working in them from experts in the amusement industry.
Cost of participation at request
11:00 – 14:30
Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 75

Masterclass "Marketing & Event, as amusement parks development drivers"

Alexey Tarasov
expert consultant in park management
Part 1: Marketing

Development and implementation; average bill; guests visit duration; first and repeat visits; special offers; card entry systems, single day pass


Development, implementation and analysis; internal sources; partnership; SMM-marketing; PR and counter PR; event and tourism management

Часть 2: Event

Attract customers; earn money; foster loyalty


Organizing an event in a park; criteria for decision-making relating holding an event


State and professional holidays, City Day, Parks Foundation Day, fun themed days, commercial, special events; fundraisers; team outings; lotteries, prize competitions, webquests, etc


Composition, functionality


Seasonal, weekly, dayly; enterprise monetization; interactive events

Cost of participation at request
10:00 – 18:00
Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 75, hall B

Conference" Amusement Industry under current economic conditions"

10:00 – 18:00 – Exhibition hours. Amusement rides and entertainment equipment demonstration.
11:00 – Official opening of the exhibition «RAAPA EXPO AUTUMN-2019»
13:30 – 16:00, room 215

  1. Parks are drivers of development of comfortable urban environment.

    Uvarkina Eugenia, Mayor of Lipetsk

  2. Audio guides and mobile quests for leisure park visitors.

    Vladimir Druzhkin, development director of Qwixi platform, Moscow

  3. Business development features of family amusement parks networks facing falling consumer demand.

    Elena Dubrovskaya, Development Director of “Game Station” amusement parks network, Murmansk/ Petrozavodsk.

  4. Ways to expand kiddie activity park target audience. Interactive sports equipment and obstacle courses for low-ceiling spaces.

    Dmitry Sklyarenko, CEO, GoPark LLC

  5. Touch gardens and natural playgrounds.

    Katerina Nikitina, project manager of Garden in the City, Moscow

  6. Automation system of activity parks network management.

    D.A Chursanov, M.A.Stenenko, Madagaskarya entertainment parks network

  7. Brand new theming technologies of amusement parks, entertainment centres and public spaces

    Architectural manufacturing company IOLLA, Moscow

  8. The future is now. Smart robots in the entertainment field.

    Roman Koryakov, PromoBot company, Moscow.

Participation is free of charge
(by preliminary registration)

18:30 – Gala Dinner devoted to the opening of the exhibition «RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2019

Cost: € 72.00
10:30 – 14:00
Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 75, hall B

Seminar "The New Life of Your Entertainment Centre”

Lyudmila Kiseleva
business-consultant, expert in management of entertainment centres and restaurants, head of “Brunswick/ Kids play” department.

Concept and space renovation algorithms. How to follow the new trends and meet your guests needs.

10:00 – 18:00 – Exhibition hours. Amusement rides and entertainment equipment demonstration.

  1. Entertainment centres industry development dynamics in Russia and CIS countries. The World trends.

  2. Estimation principles and efficiency of an entertainment centre operational performance.

  3. Ways to create the new model of an entertainment centre:

    • number and range of services provided
    • the area size of each of the services
    • effective integration of existing amusement equipment into the new entertainment centre concept.
  4. Modern concept-design of a new play area as an essential part of an entertainment centre renovation.

Cost of participation at request
15:00 – 17:30
room 239

Seminar "Trampolines and Inflatables Safety"

Alexander Romanov
head of testing laboratory, NVP Diamet, Ivanteevka
Dmitry Marusev
head of inflatables operation group,TC -427, CEO, Sparta, St. Petersburg
Zhanna Drozdetskaya
head of RIF, group of companies, member of TC-427 “Attractions and other equipment for entertainment”, Rostov-on-Don
Georgy Semenov
CEO, AirPalace factory, TC-427 member, St. Petersburg
  1. Current legislative regulations for trampolines manufacture and operation.

  2. Rules for trampolines installation and bringing into operation.

  3. The operational documentation required.

  4. Annual and dayly checks of inflatable attractions.

  5. Trampoline operation in the winter time.

  6. Water and beach inflatable equipment. Operational features and additional specific safety requirements.

  7. Trampoline accidents analysis, main risks and hazard factors identification.

Participation is free of charge
(by preliminary registration)
10:00 – 16:00
Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 75, hall B

Seminar "Legal and illegal amusement rides supervision - how to protect your business”.

Vladimir Gnezdilov
RAAPA President, the author of TR EAES 038/2016 “On amusement rides safety”.
Participation is free of charge (by preliminary registration)

15:00 – 16:00 – Handing diplomas to participants of the exhibition. Closing ceremony.

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