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Russian association of amusement
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Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions

International RAAPA Summer Forum of amusement industry specialists



July, Rostov-on-Don

Summer Forum is an international meeting organized by the Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, which is held annually in order to exchange experiences among professionals in the cultural and leisure industry, discuss current issues in the modern park and entertainment industry, familiarize specialists with new technologies of the world entertainment industry, draw attention to the tourist potential of various cities and regions.

In previous years, RAAPA Summer Forum were held in Voronezh (2012), Yaroslavl (2013), Kazan (2014), Nizhny Novgorod (2015), Belgorod (2016), Minsk (2017), Ufa (2018) and Samara (2019). A total of more than 1000 specialists from more than 100 cities of Russia and foreign countries took part in them.

Rostov-on-Don will become the ninth city to host this prestigious event.

THE GUIDE of the Summer Forum in Rostov-on-Don

Coming soon

The Guide includes:
  • The detailed program of the Summer Forum
  • Information about amusement industry enterprises in Rostov-on-Don
  • Brief history of the city
  • Information about leading amusement industry manufacturers
  • Useful information for the visitors of the city

The Guide:

  • THE GUIDE will be given to all participants of the Summer Forum including directors of amusement industry enterprises and representatives of state structures of Rostov-on-Don.
  • THE GUIDE will be available online on our website: along with advertising materials after the event.
  • THE GUIDE will be also distributed in October in Moscow at RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2020 along with the report about the event

Manufacturers and suppliers of entertainment equipment and services are welcome to place their advertisement in THE GUIDE of RAAPA Summer Forum in Rostov-on-Don.

Стоимость размещения:

1 Full-page module

145 EURO / 160 USD

1/2 -page module

110 EURO / 120 USD

1 Full-page module (inside page)

270 EURO / 300 USD

1 Full-page module (back outside cover)

355 EURO / 400 USD

The technical requirements to the artworks:

  • 1 full-page module: width/height 160 x 230 mm + 5 mm bleed on each side
  • 1/2-page module: width/height 140 x 100 mm (horizontal) or 68 x 200 mm (vertical)
  • Files are accepted in the formats: *tiff, *pdf or *eps; 300 dpi resolution, CMYK.
  • NO crop marks; all fonts should be converted into curves.
  • The color requirements: CMYK color chart on pictures must be C 40% , M 30%, Y 30 %, K 97 % (the maximum Суаn, Magenta, Black – 97%). Black fonts should be K 100%. The Total Ink Density must not exceed 320%.

To sponsors of the RAAPA Summer Forum




RAAPA Summer Forum – the international business forum gathering together amusement industry specialists from all over Russia and foreign countries: directors and top managers of parks, entertainment centers, resorts, cultural institutions, representatives of cities’ and regions’ governments, manufacturers of entertainment equipment and other interested parties. For the past 8 years, over 1000 specialists from more than 90 cities of Russia and foreign countries have participated in the Forum.

Welcome to participate in the event and present your products and services to the key audience of amusement industry specialists!

Additional advertising opportunities

If you are not able to attend the Summer Forum in Rostov-on-Don or wish to further strengthen your position in the event, take the opportunity to place your advertisement in the official Summer Forum special edition - «The Guide».

Prices for placing adverts:

  • 1 Full-page module (inside first or last cover pages) – 270 EURO / 300 USD
  • 1 Full-page module (back cover) – 335 EURO / 400 USD
  • 1 Full-page module – 145 EURO / 160 USD
  • ½ -page module – 110 EURO / 120 USD

Technical requirements to the advertising materials:

  • 1 Full-page module: width/height: 160*230 mm + 5 mm bleed on each side
  • ½-page module: width/height: 140*100 mm (horizontal) or 68*200 mm (vertical)
  • Artworks are accepted in the formats: tiff, pdf, eps; 300 dpi resolution, CMYK
  • Video are accepted in the formats:mpeg4, avi.,720p