The 24th International exhibition «Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA EXPO – 2022» — RAAPA
Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions

Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions

The 24th International exhibition «Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA EXPO – 2022»

16 March — 18 March 2022
Moscow, VDNH, pav.57

Exhibition Theme

  1. Parkrides: kiddie, family, extreme;
  2. Trampolines and inflatables;
  3. Water rides and slides, fountains, waterpark, pool and resort equipment;
  4. Entertainment equipment, amusement machines;
  5. 3D/4D/5D cinemas and the content;
  6. Interactive games, simulators, laser tags, paintball;
  7. Kiddie sports and playgrounds;
  8. Arcade games, prize machines, shooting galleries: pneumatic, laser;
  9. Electro- and pedal cars, park vehicle and transportation;
  10. Skating rinks and artificial ice;
  11. Toys and souvenirs;
  12. Bowling and billiard equipment;
  13. Climbing walls, rope parks, sports entertainment;
  14. Carting and dodgem fields;
  15. Light, laser and sound equipment;
  16. Garden furniture and hardscape;
  17. Landscape design;
  18. Parks, waterparks and family entertainment centers;
  19. Organization of festive events and show programs;
  20. Animatronics and theming;
  21. Vending machines;
  22. Automation systems, admission equipment;
  23. Spare parts and components;
  24. Consulting and trainings for amusement industry personnel;
  25. Project design for parks, waterparks, entertainment centers;
  26. F&B,food courts;
  27. Certification, diagnostics and maintenance of amusement rides and entertainment equipment.
Representatives of regions’ and cities’ administrations, directors of parks, water parks and family entertainment centers, resorts, leisure enterprises, businessmen and other parties of concern are invited to the Exhibition.
Where: All-Russian Exhibition Center (VDNH), Pavilion 57, 119 Prospekt Mira, Moscow, Russia, 129223

Location map

Location map

Route map

Location map

How to get there:

How to get there: by subway: “VDNH” station (first car outbound direction, exit to VDNH). city public transportation: Buses (elecrobuses): №№ T14, T48, T76, “Ulitsa Borisa Galushkina” stop, Trams: №№ 11, 17, “VDNH” subway station” stop, Buses: №№ 56,76,93,136,172,195,803, «Severnaya» stop.

Floor plan

Floor plan


Booth number Company Website Country
1 Indirect participation Aerotour Russia
2 C4/1 AIR-GAMES Russia
3 H3,R20 AirMir, PE Russia
4 H1 AirPalace, Factory Russia
5 E3/1 Altay Compozit Russia
6 Indirect participation Amuse China China
7 B1/3 Amusement Industry Exhibition Russia
8 Indirect participation AMUSEWIND China
9 L13 Antonio Zamperla SPA Russia
10 L3 Attra MAKS Russia
11 E2/3 Attraction-Expo Russia
12 B1/3 Attractions and Entertainments, Magazine Russia
13 E2/4 Attractions of Russia Russia
14 E2/1 Attractions VR Russia
15 E1/2 ATTRAPLAST Russia
16 D2/3 Avira Russia
17 Indirect participation Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo Bulgaria
18 P6 BigDecor Kids Russia
19 H2/2 Birlik Russia
20 P8 BOLID Russia
21 R11 Carrousel, Group of companies Russia
22 R17* Center of Safety of Amusement Rides Russia
23 R10 Center of testing, Inspection and Certification «Safety» Russia
24 L1 Center, NPO Belarus
25 D1/2 City Thermae Russia
26 P3 Crocheted parks Uley Russia
27 P7 CurlingLite Russia
28 C1/2 DataKrat (Bars IT) Russia
29 R15 Diamet, NVP Russia
30 C2/1 DINOMACHINE Russia
31 Indirect participation Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Show 2022 (DEAL) UAE
32 Indirect participation EAG International & the Visitor Attraction Expo UK
33 Indirect participation EventNN, Web-portal of festive events and holidays industry Russia
34 Indirect participation Facto Edizioni s.r.l. Italy
35 R4 Factory of Attractions Russia
36 E3/4 Factory of Attractions «Skazka» Russia
37 B1/2 Ferris Wheel Russia
38 Indirect participation Game Time International (GTI Haw Ji Co., Ltd.) Taiwan
39 C2/3 Game-Keeper Russia
40 P1 GIARMO Russia NEW!
41 R6 Global Russia
42 C2/2 Gooest Media Technology Daqing Co.Ltd. China
43 R3 GROS, PO Russia
44 Indirect participation Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group (AAA); China
45 R8 Happy Elephant Co.,Ltd. China
46 C1/1 Hello IO Russia
47 Indirect participation Hot Games; Тайвань
48 Indirect participation IAAPA EMEA Belgium
49 E1/5 Imperia detstva Russia
51 Indirect participation InterGame Magazine UK
52 Indirect participation InterPark Magazine UK
53 E2/3 Interregional Certification Centre Russia
54 E2/2 ITALPARK Russia
55 D1/1 KACHALKI.BY Belarus
56 L10* Karusel, product company Russia
57 D2/1 KASSON Russia
58 D3/2 Kids Games Russia
59 Indirect participation Kirmes & Park Revue/Gemi Verlag GmbH Germany
60 C4/1 LabClub Russia
61 D3/1 LAS VEGAS Russia
62 L7 LASOMI Russia
63 L12 Lime Soft Russia
64 L9 LSD Electronics Russia
65 Indirect participation MAPIC Russia Russia
66 E1/4 MASTER-LECO Russia
67 R16 MI Concept + Design Inc. Russia NEW!
68 Indirect participation MIK Samara Миксамара.рф Russia
69 R2 MilkyMoon`s Russia
70 Indirect participation Moscow Flower Show Russia
71 P2 Moveboard Russia NEW!
72 L4 Natali PARK Russia
73 E1/1 NEW HORIZONS Russia
74 D1/3 OtAdoYa, Group of companies Russia
75 D2/2 PAX Design, Co Russia
76 C1/3 Phototime Russia
77 A1 Polin Waterparks Turkey
78 L8 Polipark Russia
79 B1/3 RAAPA Education Center Russia
80 L14 RiaPark Russia
81 E3/2 RIF, Group of companies Russia
82 R1 RIMO Germany / Unikart Russia
83 B1/3 Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA) Russia
84 R5 SKALALEND Adventure Center Russia
85 B1/1 SkyTechSport Russia NEW!
87 C1/4 SPARTA Russia
88 L2 SportAkademReklama Russia
89 Indirect participation Stolitsa Detstva, CISP Russia
91 R17 Tankodrom www.танкодром.рф Russia
92 P4 The Amusement Industry Catalogue, Magazine Russia
93 E2/5 The Moscow State Institute of Culture Russia
94 Indirect participation TUREKS INTERNATIONAL FAIRS CO. Turkey
95 D3/3 Unitramp Russia
96 C3 Universal Terminal System Russia
97 Indirect participation VISOM Russia
98 R14 Volgograd attractions Russia
99 E1/3 VOSTOK Russia
100 B1/5 VRDiver Russia NEW!
102 С4/2 VYSOTA, Group of companies Russia
104 Indirect participation YourGuide, Ltd. UK
105 L11 Zigong City Ocean Art Co., Ltd. China
106 L5 Zigong Hualong Science&Technology Co., Ltd. China

Full cost is on request Registration fee 430 USD / 375 EUR

  1. Entry in the Exhibitor Catalogue (90 words) in Russian and in English
  2. A copy of Exhibitor Catalogue
  3. Exhibitor’s badges (depending on the booth size)
  4. Truck entry pass to VDNH territory for mounting and dismantling periods
  5. An invitation to RAAPA Gala Dinner (for 1 person)
  6. Free invitations to the exhibition
Download application form
Minimum booth size:

central location

from 9 m2

perimeter location

from 6 m2

Additional cost:

corner booth (2 open sides)

10% к базовой цене

“semi-island” booth (3 open sides)

7% to the basic cost к базовой цене

“island” booth (4 open sides)

10% to the basic cost к базовой цене

additional ticket to RAAPA Gala Dinner

92 USD / 80 EUR к базовой цене

Basic discounts

Booking shell scheme and space only booths exceeding 20 sq.m.


Participants of RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2021


First-time exhibiting company


Booking exhibition space exceeding 50 sq.m. (for inflatables area)

Phone/Fax:  +7 (495) 234-52-31, +7 (495) 234-52-68

Additional discounts are provided to companies that submitted applications and paid for their participation (at least 40% of the invoice) before the end of the discount period *except the inflatables area

Size of exhibition space 

6 sq m – 18 sq m

20 sq m – 40 sq m

41 sq m and more