RAAPA EXPO AUTUMN – 2020 will be held on September 30 – October 2 in pavilion 55 at VDNH — RAAPA
Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions

Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions

RAAPA EXPO AUTUMN – 2020 will be held on September 30 – October 2 in pavilion 55 at VDNH

17 june 2020

Due to the temporary use of the exhibition pavilion 75 of VDNH as a backup medical observatory, the dates and venue of the 14th Moscow International Exhibition "Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA EXPO AUTUMN-2020" have been changed.
  The exhibition will be held from September 30 to October 2, 2020 in Pavilion 55
at VDNH.
  The new exhibition area will allow to place the exposition not only in the pavilion, but also on the outdoor territory near the pavilion, which will certainly expand the possibilities for the presentation of the equipment.
The theme of the exhibition will cover all main trends of the modern amusement industry: park rides, amusement machines, VR-attractions, kiddie and sports grounds, activity parks, shooting galleries, trampoline arenas, inflatables, theming, rope courses, automation systems, bowling, water parks, vending and prize machines, design of parks and amusement centers, personnel training, festive events organization, landscape design, etc.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive business program. Leading experts will consider the most topical problems of the amusement industry at seminars and business trainings.

Also, full time classes of RAAPA Education center on the program “Safety and efficient operation of amusement rides” will be held within the framework of the exhibition (28.09 – 02.10).

The coronavirus pandemic has had a serious negative impact on the global amusement industry, but gradually we are returning to a normal way of life.
Under these conditions the importance of holding RAAPA EXPO AUTUMN-2020 exhibition significantly increases. It will be an important event that will mark the first steps in the industry's recovery from the crisis, introduce new players on the market and show new opportunities for business maintenance and development.

You can find detailed information about the exhibition on the website: www.raapa.ru
For participation in the exhibition, please contact: +7 (495) 234-50-31, +7 (495) 234-52-13, raapa@raapa.ru