The 8th International RAAPA Summer Forum of amusement industry in Samara — RAAPA
Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions

Russian association of amusement
parks and attractions

The 8th International RAAPA Summer Forum of amusement industry in Samara

17 July — 19 July 2019

July 16 (Tue)


Excursion (optional)


«Samara: a  journey through the ages»


Walking tour + Stalin's Bunker


We invite you to make a fascinating immersion in the very heart of Samara - its historical center. During the walking tour you will get acquainted with the main sights of the ancient city on the Volga, as well as descend into the legendary Stalin's bunker, located underground at the depth of a 12-storey building.


Duration: 6pm – 9pm


July 17 (Wed)


Holiday Inn hotel, Samara hall

9:30 – 10:00 – Participants gathering in the conference hall. Registration. Coffee break.

10:00 – 10:30 – Welcoming speech, self-presentation of the participants.

10:30 – 11:30Conference:

            1. Tourist potential and development prospects of culture and leisure sphere of Samara. Rabinovich A.M., Head of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Tourism Department of the Economic Development, Investment and Trade Department of Samara Administration.


2. Parks of Samara – experience of the centralized management of municipal culture and leisure parks.

Kolesnikova I.O., Deputy Director of “Samara Parks” Municipal Autonomous Institution of Samara.

3. Development of tourist and recreational cluster of the Samara region.

Zvonkovskaya K.S., Director of “Tourist Information Center” State Budgetary Institution  of Samara region.

4. “Synergy effect” as a basis for  a modern  family entertainment center development. Belskova E.V., Manager of “Funky Town” amusement park, Samara. 

5. State-private partnership in the  sphere of parks development (from the experience of “Gorky Park “  in Syzran,  Samara region). Zakharov A.A., Director of ” Gorky Park” Ltd., Syzran.

6. Current concepts of leisure activities organization in FECs.  Odolsky A.A., “Megapolis” group of companies, Chelyabinsk/ “Megaland” FEC, Samara.


11:30 - 11:50 – Break


11:50 - 14:00Themed program: «Entertainment technologies»: presentation of the innovative attractions, entertainment equipment, and services for the amusement industry.

Unit 1: «VR is approaching – virtual reality is already around us»

Unit 2: «Activity-revolution: sport + entertainment»

Unit 3: «Amusement rides and attractions: the classics is staying trendy»

Unit 4: «What is next: in the search of new entertainment formats»


14:00 - 15:00 – Lunch

15:05 – Boarding the buses.

15:30 – 17:30 – Visit to the Park named after Y.Gagarin, a large Ferris wheel, and the “Three Bears” attractions’ complex, meeting with managing directors.


PARK NAMED AFTER Y.GAGARIN – the most famous and visited recreational park in Samara. It serves as the venue for celebrating numerous holidays and cultural events. The park boasts a large recreation area, attractions sites, foodservice facilities, modern children playgrounds, and sport venues. A large 55-meters high Ferris wheel is also located in the park.

THREE BEARS – amusement park onsite the Park named after Y.Gagarin. The complex offers a wide range of amusement rides – from extreme to family rides – that is regularly expanded with new attractions. The park has won a number of prestigious awards, among them the Golden Pony international award.

17:30 – Boarding the buses. Returning to the hotel.

18:45 – Boarding the buses. Moving to the restaurant.

19:00 – Banquet. 


July 18 (Thu)

Holiday Inn hotel

07:00 - «Brisk Samara morning» - Summer RAAPA 3 km sprint along the Volga riverfront, optional. (Prizes available for the winners of the competition).

09:00 – Gathering of the Summer Forum participants in front of the hotel. Walk to the river port.

09:20 – Boarding the cruise ship.

9:30 - 11:30 – River walk on the cruise ship on Volga.

Educational program onboard (speakers to be confirmed):

Practical seminar: Development strategies of playgrounds: how to keep your business topical and effective» (speaker «EntenS Group»).

The event will offer universal approach for business development applicable for all types of entertainment industry enterprises.


11:30 – Boarding the buses.


12:00 – 13:15 Visit to the Funky Town entertainment center, meeting with managing directors.


FUNKY TOWN – chain of family entertainment centers. One of the largest parks of the brand is located in Samara. Along with the traditional arcade machines and gaming equipment, the center hosts park attractions from the leading Italian manufacturers, modern activity zone with sports and playing equipment and a separate nursery area for the toddlers. Besides that the Funky Town provides a lot of related services for events and holidays celebration.


13:20 – Boarding the buses. Moving to the restaurant.

13:40 – 14:30 – Lunch.

14:30 – 15:30Master class: "Catering trends for amusement parks and family entertainment centers"

• What is happening in Russia and in the world in the food industry: concepts that are relevant today and those that are outmoding.

• Trends by industry and product: design, menu, coffee, "nano" technologies in the kitchen, etc;

• How to ensure the quality of food and speed of service  with the minimum set of equipment.

Moderators: Alex. Rusu - Head of Special Projects of the Restaurateurs and Hoteliers Federation of Russia,  Development   Director of “Russian project” company, Moscow.


15:35 – Boarding the buses, moving to Goodok FEC.

15:50 – 17:00Visit to Megaland FEC and the City of Professions, meeting with managing directors.


MEGALAND – federal chain of family entertainment centers. The complex in Samara includes trampoline, extreme park, attractions, arcade machines, multistoried labyrinth, kindergarten, restaurant and areas for birthdays celebrations. The stand-alone zone of the complex is Chadograd City of Professions.

17:00 - 17:20 – Diploma awarding to the participants.

17:25 – Boarding the bus.

17:45 – Returning to the hotel.

Optional   - it is possible to visit the “Roller” attraction at 18.00  (descent along the monorail track in the suspended  sliding block) in Zagorodny Park. Registration for the excursion will be carried out on July 17 at the Holiday Inn hotel. Organizer: SKYLINE company.

July 19 (Fri)

Sightseeing tour (optional)




The sightseeing  city tour includes a visit to the main places of interest in Samara, including:

            Zhigulev brewing plant - the oldest enterprise in the city, for a long time closed to the general public. On the tour you will learn the fascinating history of the plant, visit the production shops and see the process of brewing beer, and, of course, you can try it.

            Mystical Samara - a walk through the city center, during which you will see the most mysterious places of Samara. You will find out where the ghosts came from in the former Rassvet Theater and the Kurlina Mansion; you will see the place where a terrible ghost cat appears;  will find out what secrets a beautiful half-timbered house hides in itself; solve the mystery of the most mysterious crossroads of Samara, where mysterious events  took place for  many years, and much more.

            Cosmic Samara - a museum and exhibition complex containing unique artifacts - components of space technology, models of rockets, as well as interactive exhibits telling how, for example, we use space technologies in everyday life, or how astronauts live on an orbital station. The facade of the museum building is decorated with a genuine “Soyuz” rocket.

            Vyacheslav Sheyanov’s Motorworld is a unique center that brought together the best motorcycles of the Golden Age of moto-construction. Through the efforts of the "Motorworld"’s team and the best restorers from Russia, the Baltic States, Italy, France and the UK, almost a hundred of  military and civilian motorcycles with large engine size are on the move. Here you can see and even try in practice the most powerful and fastest motorcycles from 14 countries of the world.

Duration: 09:00 - 17:00

THE GUIDE of the Summer Forum in Samara

The official edition of the International Summer Forum of amusement industry specialists in Samara, July 17-19, 2019

The Guide includes:
  • The detailed program of the Summer Forum
  • Information about amusement industry enterprises in Samar
  • Brief history of the city
  • Information about leading amusement industry manufacturer
  • Useful information for the guests of the city

The Guide:

  • will be given to all participants of the Summer Forum including directors of amusement industry enterprises and representatives of state structures of Samara.
  • will be available online on our website: along with advertising materials after the event.
  • along with the report about the event will be distributed at RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2019 in October in Moscow.

Manufacturers and suppliers of entertainment equipment and services are welcome to place their advertisement in THE GUIDE of RAAPA Summer Forum in Samara.

The technical requirements to the artworks:

  • 1 full-page module: width/height 160 x 230 mm + 5 mm bleed on each side
  • 1/2-page module: width/height 140 x 100 mm (horizontal) or 68 x 200 mm (vertical)
  • Files are accepted in the formats: *tiff, *pdf or *eps; 300 dpi resolution, CMYK.
  • NO crop marks; all fonts should be converted into curves.

On July 17 – 19, 2019 the 8th International Summer Forum of amusement industry specialists will be held in Samara.

RAAPA Summer Forum – is the international business forum gathering together amusement industry specialists from all over Russia and foreign countries: directors and top managers of parks, entertainment centers, resorts, cultural institutions, representatives of cities’ and regions’ governments, manufacturers of entertainment equipment and other interested parties. For the past seven years, over 1000 specialists from more than 90 cities of Russia and foreign countries have participated in the Forum.

On July 17, within the frameworks of the Summer Forum a special programme where manufacturers and suppliers of entertainment equipment and services for the amusement industry will present their products and modern solutions for the development of entertainment business.

The programme will comprise four units:

Unit 1: VR is advancing – virtual reality is all around us.

Unit 2: Activity revolution: sports+entertainment

Unit 3: Amusement rides: the classic remains in trend

Unit 4: What is coming next?  In search of new entertainment formats

Welcome to participate in the event and present your products and services to the key audience of amusement industry specialists!

You can choose the best packages for you:


Package 1: brief presentation of a company (1 min.), video demonstration (up to 4 min.)*, distribution of advertising materials in the conference hall; advertising module (1 full-page) in the official edition of the firum–  “The Guide”

Number of packages – 10

210 Euro/ 225 USD

On terms of participation in the basic program

(see the Application for participation)


Package 2: slide presentation of a company (up to 9 min.)*, distribution of advertising materials in the conference hall; advertising module (1 full-page) in the official edition –  “The Guide”

Number of packages – 5

340 Euro/ 370 USD

On terms of participation in the basic program

(see the Application for participation)


Package 3: presentation of a company in the block of companies’ presentations by the host*, distribution of advertising materials in the conference hall; advertising module (1 full-page) in the official edition of the forum –  “The Guide”

Number of packages – 10

135 Euro/ 150 USD

On terms of participation in the basic program

210 Euro/ 225 USD


Indirect participation


*The deadline for submitting presentational materials is July 1, 2019.

The Application for participation can be downloaded from link:

Additional advertising opportunities:

If you are not able to attend the Summer Forum in Samara or wish to further strengthen your position in the event, take the opportunity to place your advertisement in the official Summer Forum special edition – «The Guide»

Advertisement Prices:         

1 Full-page module (inside cover page) – 270 EURO / 300 USD

1 Full-page module (back outside cover) – 355 EURO / 400 USD

1 Full-page module – 145 EURO / 160 USD

1/2 -page module – 110 EURO / 120 USD

 Technical requirements to the advertising materials:

1 Full-page module: width/height: 160*230 mm + 5 mm bleed on each side

1/2-page module:  width/height: 140*100 mm (horizontal) or 68*200 mm (vertical)

Artworks are accepted in the formats: tiff, pdf, eps; 300 dpi resolution, CMYK

The deadline for submitting the artworks is June 18, 2019.


July 17 – 19, 2019, Samara (Russia)

Results of RAAPA Summer Forum in Samara, July 17-19, 2019

Summer 2019 was rich in various events of amusement industry, but the 8th RAAPA Summer Forum of Amusement Industry Specialists in Samara was the most sought after event. Over 130 participants from 55 cities of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Italy, and Germany attended RAAPA Forum.

The forum was characterized by many guests as the “Happiest Summer Forum”. Most likely it’s true: positive emotions and good mood did not leave the industry specialists all event’s days long. It was enabled by huge efforts contributed by the city of the event, perfect weather, closeness to the Volga, and interesting programme of events prepared by the Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

The Forum was widely supported by Samara City Government, Ministry of Culture of Samara region and partner-companies. Informational partners were magazines The Amusement Industry Catalogue, Attractions and Entertainments, SportB2B; internet-portals VTORIO.COM,, and Stolitsa Detstva.

For the years of holding RAAPA Summer Forum, it has become such a significant event that many cities are now willing to host it. Samara City Government has taken an active part in preparing the event. Interim Head of Samara Urban District Mr. Vladimir Vasilenko opened the Forum and noted in his speech the relevance and importance of such an event held in Samara.

RAAPA Summer Forum was widely broadcasted by local TV channels and media: Russia Samara, Gubernia TV, Samara-GIS, and other media companies.

The most topical issues of the amusement industry and experience of development of cultural and leisure sphere in Samara region were discussed in the business programme of the Forum.  Deputy Head of Economic Development, Investments and Commerce Department Ms. Anna Rabinovich reported of tourist potential of Samara, and Ms. Kseniya Zvonkovskaya, Director of Samara Region Public Office “Tourist Information Center” gave of the perspectives of development of tourist-recreational cluster in Samara region.

Ms. Irina Kolesnikova, Deputy Director of Municipal Autonomous Institution “Samara Parks”, and Mr. Andrey Zakharov, Director of Gorky Park in Syzran shared their experience of managing parks of culture and leisure.

The relevant issue of development indoor entertainment complexes was highlighted in the speech of the Executive Manager of Funky Town Ekaterina Belskova and the CEO of Megapolis Group of Companies/FEC Megaland Alexander Odolskiy.

The business programme was followed by the presentations of equipment novelties and the  latest achievements in the entertainment industry held by leading Russian and International companies: Avira, IOLLA, GROS, Airpalace, BOLID, Volgograd Attractions, Game-Keeper, SkyLine, Procontrain (Germany), Severstal-metiz, Air Games, RIF, Russkie Gorki, Diamet, Aeromir, Attraplast and other companies.

After lunch time, in the afternoon the first day programme was continued with the visit to the major park of Samara – Gagarin Park and amusement rides complex “Three Bears”. The park top managers held an observation tour of the park and answered numerous questions of the guests. Everyone wishing to have a ride rode the 55-meter-high Ferris Wheel, extreme amusement ride Show Time and tried other rides too.

The day was crowned with the gala reception devoted to the opening of the 8th International RAAPA Summer Forum in Samara.

The second day had quite an intense schedule. It started with the sports event – RAAPA Summer Jogging Race along the most beautiful embankment of the Volga in Samara.  The most sportive specialists of the amusement industry in spite of early start (7 AM!) took part in this corporate competition. According to the results of the jogging competition the winners in the men and women scoring were announced. Men: 1) Alexey Prosandeev, Moscow; 2) Roman Khramov, Mocsow; 3) Gadzhiyasulo Gadzhiyasulov, Makhachkala. Women: 1) Ekaterina Belskova, Samara; 2-4) Ekaterina Shumilkina, Penza; Elena Zhuchkova, Bronnitsy, Svetlana Loshkareva, Rudniy. All participants unanimously expressed their wish to make sports contests traditional for RAAPA Summer Forums.

Later on the participants in full cast by then could observe the enchanting beauty of Samara during a boat ride along the Volga. On board this boat there was a practical seminar “Strategies of development of entertainment ground: how to preserve the relevance and effectiveness of the business” held by the specialists of EntenS Group.

One more educational event was held at lunch time as contingent to the topic “Tendencies of F&B for parks and entertainment centers” where Business Development Director of Russian Project Alex Rusu spoke on the latest trends in food industry in Russia and in the world.

On July 18 the participants of the Forum attended indoor entertainment centers: Funky Town in FEC Aurora, Megaland and  Chadograd in FEC Gudok. The participants were most cordially welcomed by the top managers and employees of the FECs who informed them in details of their operations and answered all questions of interested visiting specialists.

The day program was continued by the evening visit to Zagorodniy Park, where everyone had an opportunity to have a ride on Roller. This visit was arranged by SkyLine company.

The excursion programme of RAAPA Summer Forum was traditionally appealing.

The first acquaintance with the sights of Samara started on July 16. On this day the group of Forum participants had a walking tour of the city center and observed a unique structure – Stalin Bunker, hidden under the surface of the ground at the depth equal to a 12-storeyed building.

On July 19 the consolidated group of amusement industry specialists observed a few more famous sights of Samara: Museum and Exhibition Center Samara Space Museum, the biggest museum of motor cycles Motorworld of Vyacheslav Sheyanov and legendary Zhiguli beer brewery, where the guests could not only observe the process of brewing but had a chance to degustate different brands of beer.

The 8th RAAPA Summer Forum received the most rave reviews from the industry specialists. Most of them have singled out the topical business programme, high quality organization, possibility to communicate with the colleagues from different regions of Russia, and, for sure, best impressions of Samara – the city that was a pleasant surprise and left everlasting emotions. If last year Summer Forum was the most SUMMERY of all the SUMMER FORUMS, then this year it was THE HAPPIEST SUMMER FORUM of RAAPA!

See you soon!

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